Build, scale, and
engage web3

AirLyft is your friendly web3 marketing platform. Run customized campaigns, automate your contests, create NFTs and other on-chain incentives without writing any code, and automatically distribute rewards for quests.

Dynamic Engagement with Decentralized Rewards.

AirLyft helps you to get dynamic engagement from your community & reward them your native tokens, NFTS and more. We eliminate dependencies on old, redundant & boring methodologies.

Increase social following

Create airdrop giveaways, ask users to perform social activities or answer questions while keeping bots away using our secure platform. Combine different tiny tasks to create a custom, fair, competition.

Boost on-chain actions

Incentivize your community to use your Web3.0 product by integrating your smart contract with rewards. Setup events like "Stake 100 Tokens & hold this NFT to win 5 Tokens" in minutes.

Get more survery responses

Use our easy form module to collect responses for surveys, feedback or shipping details. Incentivise user actions by connecting them to rewards.

Distribute NFTs & Tokens

Get access to our reward engine to distribute crypto rewards such as tokens or NFTs as well as traditional ones like coupons or secret codes.

Break information silos

Your users are more than just wallet addresses. Get a clearer overall picture of your users through our advanced analytics.

Educate customers

Create learn-to-earn quizzes and ask users to answer questions based on your product or company. Increase recall of your brand.

How it Works

Getting your community involved was never this easy. Build a fully customized campaign and target social media marketing to grow your community.

1. Select a giveaway type

Select a giveaway that you would distribute to the participants or winners.

  • Distribute Tokens or NFTs
  • Award whitelist opportunities
  • Send coupons or secret codes

2. Create Actions with our apps

Choose from our numerous action types. Give your users fun way to interact with your project and earn rewards.

  • Content Curation by the community
  • Learn & Earn, Quizzes, AMAs
  • Twitter, Telegram participation

3. Publish & grow

Publish your event and grow your community.

  • Personalized landing page
  • Embeddable widget
  • Searchable on our platform

Features that you will love

AirLyft helps you to get dynamic engagement from your community & reward them your native tokens, NFTs, stable coins, and much more. We eleminate dependencies on old, redundant & boring methodologies.

Social Action Verification

We verify if the users have completed all the social actions setup in the campaign, so that you don't have to.

Quiz App

Use our quiz app to ask questions about your startup & create your own learn-and-earn campaigns.

Airdrop Activity

Create airdrop events, setup tasks, find succesfull users and distribute rewards in tokens or NFTs to real people & not bots.

Export Whitelists

Setup events for your private or public sale whitelists, find top participants & export a list of wallet addresses at the end.

Token/NFT Distribution

Just want a simple tool to send out rewards? Distribute airdrops to your own whitelist seamlessly with our novel technology.

Custom Integrations

Integrate your dapp actions through email lists, REST APIs, or GraphQL and create web3 rewards based on those actions.

Not just for startups

Airlyft provides opportunities to individuals, KOLS, Launchpads as well as VCs to get genuinely involved in the early stages of a startup.

For the community

Engage with promising projects at an early stage for a meaningful and rewarding experience.

  • Participate in exciting competitions that have assured prizes in native tokens, $KTE, NFTs or coupons.
  • Perform tasks on your social media like retweeting, creating memes or videos and get rewarded.
  • Find cool new projects to participate in & join them before their hypergrowth phase.
For the community

For KOLs & connected individuals

Discover early projects, see if you like them and get rewarded. Participate in KOL pools for handsome giveaways.

  • The KOL Dashboard gives you access to all the new & upcoming giveaways and a discovery tool to search for new projects.
  • Get a chance to win reserved rewards only for KOLs within the giveaways.
  • Refer startups & earn a lifetime commission through our decentralized, shared revenue pool.
For KOLs & connected individuals

For Launchpads & VCs

Great referral opportunities, find early stage projects to connect with and help them change the world.

  • Discover new projects through a simple and easy to navigate dashboard. Find opportunities to partner with startups & projects that appeal to you.
  • Get life time rewards in a decentralized, on-chain, shared revenue pool based on the income from your referred startups.
  • Get your incubated projects on AirLyft with OTC deals or find projects to partner with.
For Launchpads & VCs

Our Strategic Partners

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